A Gentil Carioca

Rua Gonçalves Lêdo, 17, sobrado, Centro
20060-020 Rio de Janeiro

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Gallery profile

A Gentil Carioca was founded 11 years ago by artists Márcio Botner, Laura Lima and Ernesto Neto, conceived in a melting pot in order to captivate and diffuse art’s diversity within Brazil and the world.

We believe each work of art is a cultural particle with enough potential to irradiate culture and education. In the same way history can be thought, forged, documented and changed, A Gentil Carioca is a place where artistic or political contexts can be revitalized, in many ways.

A Gentil Carioca validates the amplification of the potential action field of the arts as it stimulates the net of collectors and art lovers in general.

Further artists represented:
Alexandre Vogler
Botner & Pedro
Bernardo Ramalho
Carlos Contente
Cosmococa: Programa in Progress (Helio Oiticica + Neville D'Almeida)
Evandro Machado
Fabiano Gonper
Guga Ferraz
Jarbas Lopes
João Modé
José Bento
Laura Lima
Maria Laet
Maria Nepomuceno
Matias Mesquita
Pedro Varela
Renata Lucas
Ricardo Basbaum
Simone Michelin
  • Artists

    • Paulo Nenflidio
    • Rodrigo Torres
    • Thiago Rocha Pitta

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