Campoli Presti

223 Cambridge Heath Road
London E2 0EL
United Kingdom

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Gallery profile

The gallery was founded over ten years ago in Sutton Lane, London and moved to a larger space on Cambridge Heath Road in 2011. A permanent space in Paris was established in March 2007.

Campoli Presti first introduced a generation of artists based in America to Europe, cultivating their early exposure and establishing critical and institutional representation. Bridging these artists’ practices with our European artists who share mutual critical concerns, the gallery activates a concurrent dialogue around the conventions of pictorial, sculptural and photographic representation. This relationship has been furthered by initiating exhibitions of historical figures such as Martin Barré (2005) and Marcel Broodthaers (2008 / 2012) - operating as critical references for our artists. While exploring the historical and material condition of their medium, the artists share an ongoing critical engagement with modes of display, notions of authorship and the digital economy of images.

Further artists represented:
Roe Ethridge
Jutta Koether
Jason Loebs
Scott Lyall
Charles Mayton
John Miller
Olivier Mosset
Sean Paul
Pavel Pepperstein
Eileen Quinlan
Clément Rodzielski
Christoph Ruckhäberle
Nora Schultz
Amy Sillman
Reena Spaulings
Joanne Tatham & Tom O'Sullivan
Cheyney Thompson
  • Artists

    • Liz Deschenes
    • Daniel Lefcourt
    • Valentina Liernur
    • Nick Mauss
    • Eileen Quinlan
    • Blake Rayne
    • Cheyney Thompson

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