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Gallery profile

In the 1970s Joan de Muga, son of the founder, opened Polígrafa’s own workshop with facilities for etching, lithography, woodcuts, and other traditional print techniques.

Current partners Joan de Muga, José Aloy, and Álvaro Puigdengolas continue the business, inviting artists to the workshop in Barcelona to develop new projects with other renowned contemporary artists. They normally come for a period of time to Barcelona to work on the plates. While the plates are finished, the professionals in the workshop start doing proofs till the result is accepted by the artist giving the so called “Bon à Tirer” or “BAT“. Then the workshop can start to print the edition in the size already agreed with the artist. Afterwards it is signed and numbered.

Poligrafa is to be found at the principal art fairs around the world, including Art Basel, where it has had a presence since Art Basel 2, Art Basel Miami Beach since its beginning in 2002 and ARCO in Madrid also since the very first fair, and Art Basel Hong Kong, Art Rio, Ifpda, etc…
  • Artists

    • Matias Faldbakken
    • Jacob Kassay
    • Carlos Cruz-Diez
    • Atsushi Kaga
    • Bernar Venet
    • Marco Maggi
    • Luis Camnitzer

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