Rhona Hoffman Gallery

118 North Peoria Street
Chicago, IL 60607

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Gallery profile

Rhona Hoffman Gallery, founded originally as Young Hoffman Gallery in 1976, specializes in contemporary art that is conceptually, formally, and often socio-politically based. Past gallery exhibitions have included work by established and internationally recognized artists such as Vito Acconci, Mel Bochner, Spencer Finch, Barbara Kruger, Sol LeWitt, and Fred Sandback. The gallery is also supportive of younger contemporary artists such as Derrick Adams, Natalie Frank, Luis Gispert, Jacob Hashimoto, Deana Lawson, and Siebren Versteeg.

Notable for its diversity of exhibition content, Rhona Hoffman Gallery recently displayed two solo exhibitions, painter Natalie Frank alongside the conceptual designs of interdisciplinary artist Paula Hayes. For her first solo exhibition at the gallery, "Interiors and Openings," Frank challenged the traditional picture plane to create multi-paneled sculptural paintings with hinged appendages. Hayes' exhibition "This Bird Saved Me" featured new functional sculptures in the form of birdhouses, birdbaths, and planters, each work aligned with Hayes' ecological concerns. In Summer 2014, Rhona Hoffman Gallery exhibited the formally-concerned sculptures of Chicago-based sculptor Richard Rezac.

Rhona Hoffman Gallery is also active outside of its exhibition programming, providing broader support for artists in the Chicago area. Recently, the gallery faciliated Michael Rakowitz's social engagement artwork "Every weapon is a tool if you hold it right" as part of Expo Chicago's In/Situ public sector. The artist brought together Iraq War veterans and Iraqi refugees to fish Asian carp and prepare "masghouf," a traditional Mesopotamian dish currently prohibited in Iraq due to pollution in the Tigris River. The tourist attraction Navy Pier became a site to preserve of an invasive species and make present an endangered Middleeastern recipe. In addition to supporting artistic actions by gallery artists, Rhona Hoffman promotes artwork within the city's parks and non-profit organizations.

Further artists represented:
New Catalogue
Todd Chilton
Julia Fish
Fred Sandback
David Schutter
Nancy Spero

  • Artists

    • Vito Acconci
    • Derrick Adams
    • Pier Paolo Calzolari
    • Spencer Finch
    • Natalie Frank
    • Chris Garofalo
    • Luis Gispert
    • Paula Hayes
    • Jacob Hashimoto
    • Susan Hefuna
    • Robert Heinecken
    • Deana Lawson
    • Judy Ledgerwood
    • Sol LeWitt
    • Michael Rakowitz
    • Richard Rezac
    • Siebren Versteeg
    • Anne Wilson

Exhibition sectors