How do I find the right galleries and artworks?

The fastest and easiest way to find galleries, artworks and other topics is to use the free text search. During the time prior to the exhibition, you can also use the dynamic floor plan in order to see who is attending. Using sectors, directors and artists is another way to browse for specific galleries.

How do I plan my visit at the exhibition (Favorites)?

Make your planning more efficient by taking the following steps:

  1. Save all galleries and artworks you would like to see at the fair
  2. Arrange appointments by phone or by using the messaging functionalities which are provided on the online portal
  3. Within your list of favorites, take notes of artworks and galleries (e.g. time, contact person, questions)
  4. Print out your favorites, including the floor plan as well as your notes. This way you will immediately find the location of the galleries you have saved
  5. Share your favorites with colleagues and friends

Hint: Register at Art Basel in Miami Beach, permanently safe your favorites and use your smartphone or tablet to retrieve them while you are at the fair.